Do Jellyfish Come In Different Colors?

Published: 11th August 2010
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Our moon jellies will pick up whatever color of light is shown upon them, so you can use a programmable color-changing LED to make the jellies come alive with a variety of colors.

If you've examined jellyfish before, you might have noticed that they come in different colors, such as blue, red, green, or white. Have you ever wondered why jellyfish exist in a variety of colors, and what causes this phenomenon?

The colors of different species and types of jellyfish depend on its pigments and the pigments of the symbiotic micro-organisms that live inside the creatures. Jellyfish are actually translucent, but these micro-organisms provide the jellyfish with the colors that we observe. For example, Zoochlorellae, the green micro-organism that exists in some jellyfish, is what turns a translucent bell green. Cyanobacteria causes jellyfish to appear blue, and a combination of such pigments even make jellyfish appear to be striped or multicolored!

Many jellyfish also change colors during their lifetime. As these jellyfish mature, they become a darker shade. The moon jellyfish we sell are translucent and appear either blue or light pink in color. As these jellyfish mature, the blue ones will change to a purple shade while the light pink moon jellyfish become a darker pink. Jellyfish Art offers custom color-changing LED lighting so you can choose what color you want your jellyfish to pick up!

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